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  Insignia, the National Annual Management festival of St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata has created an identity of its own with every passing year. Each year, it aspires to revisit certain aspects of life and celebrate them during the two day festival with the finest minds from across the country exhibiting their talent and skill. Insignia has already witnessed the enrichment of human spirit brought about by the Renaissance in 2010 and has successfully infused patriotism by Rekindling the Indian Spirit in 2011. This year, Insignia seeks to commemorate wisdom through the legacies of those who have left behind their indelible mark in their field of expertise through the years.

  Through the magic of Augmented Reality, Kate Russell (author and BBC2 Technology Presenter) provides a unique insight into her Internet World 2013 keynote session 'Working the Cloud' - her new comprehensive guide to the Internet for small businesses.Click the following link to download the AR Trigger http://www.o-mobile.co.uk/iw2013arInternet World is best experienced on a 10" Android Tablet, but will work on 7" Tablets and Phones as well.

  You remember Frankie goes to Hollywood, Wham, and Band Aid, but do you also recall Charlene, Lional Bart and Bardo? Can you tell your Cars from your Irene Cara? How well do you know British pop music of the 1980s. Can you match the Pop stars with their chart singles.Race against the clock, Scroll up and down the lists as quickly as you can to pair all the Bands and Singers with their songs, but beware the hit must have charted in the 1980s.(Guinness Hit Singles 16th edition used for reference).Collect the medals and try to beat your high scores, or just take your time and use the app as a Quiz Trainer for the Over 450 Hit singles Tested on my HTC Wildfire but I do not have any other real hardware to test it on.If you do find any problems or want to suggest any improvements or any other puzzles, please email me. Thank you.I hope you enjoy my program and find it Fun (though not too addictive).

  Webexpenses award winning software is now available on Android?. The Webexpenses mobile app gives Webexpenses users the ability to manage their expenses on the go.If you are a Webexpenses customer you can now record your expense items as and when they are incurred, using your smart phone. When you’re ready send your items to your Webexpenses account and process in just 3 simple steps:1: Record your expenses on your smart phone2: Send it to Webexpenses3: When you are next at your desk top, login and allocate your expense items for processingYou won't need to spend hours trying to remember what each expense was or carry around a wallet full of receipts. Our simple, intuitive user interface is so easy and gives your organisation a real-time view of travel and entertainment spending across all employees.